PhD Programmes

Eligibility for The Admission

An applicant may fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements to be admitted to PhD Programme, if he/she has any one of the following qualifications:

1.1 A Master of Philosophy Degree from a recognized institution acceptable to the Senate of SLIIT, or
1.2 A Bachelor’s Honours Degree of SLQF Level 6 with a minimum GPA of 3.7 on a scale of 0-4, and passing the qualifying examination after a minimum period of one year with required merit acceptable to the Senate or,
1.3 Registered to follow a MPhil degree program in a related area at SLIIT and passing the qualifying examination conducted by SLIIT after a minimum period of one year with required merit acceptable to the Senate to upgrade the registration to the Degree program.

Selection to the PhD program

Selection to the program is based on

  • Academic performance
  • The strength of the research proposal
  • Research capabilities demonstrated
  • The strength of Recommendations
  • The relevance of background and experience to proposed research work

The shortlisted applicants shall pass an aptitude test and successfully face an interview conducted by the FGSR. At the interview, the overall suitability of the applicant to follow PhD programme is assessed.

Applicants seeking admission to the Degree programme under 1.3, shall be admitted to the degree program on the approval of the Senate based on the recommendation of the Faculty.


  • An applicant under 1.1 and 1.2, granted admission to the PhD program shall register as a PhD Research Student (PRS) within a period of three months from the date stipulated by SLIIT.
  • A Student, upon passing a qualifying examination after one year from the date of registration as a PRS, may be allowed to register as a Candidate of the PhD programme and to proceed with the programme.
  • A Student admitted under 1.2 and fails to satisfy requirements to proceed with PhD program at the qualifying exam but found to be suitable to proceed with MPhil programme; he/she may register as an MPhil candidate and continue studied for an MPhil degree.
  • The studentship of a PhD Research Student failing the qualifying examination twice will automatically be terminated.

Duration of Programme

The minimum duration of the programme leading to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) shall be:

  • three years (or 36 months) for full-time students and
  • five years (or 60 months) for part-time students

Supervisors and Co-Supervisors

Applicants are advised to find suitable supervisor and co-supervisors before submitting the application. The supervisor of a PhD student should be a faculty member of SLIIT.  On request, SLIIT may be able provide some assistance to find supervisors.

Supervisors of PhD programs should be:

  • knowledgeable in the subject area to be covered in the research program,
  • Holding an Doctoral Degree or higher qualification, or a person of eminent research standing acceptable to SLIIT.

Available Courses

Information Technology

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology      PhD (Information Technology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Networks PhD (Computer Networks)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cyber Security   PhD (Cyber Security)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management PG Dip (IM) SLIIT
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering    PhD (Software Engineering)


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering     PhD (Civil Engineering)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronics Eng. PhD (Electrical and Electronics Eng.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering      PhD (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering    PhD (Materials Engineering)


Name of Coordinator

PhD/Mphil in Computing/IT –

Prof. Chandimal Jayawardena - : 0112413900- Ext:4132 – chandimal.j@sliit.lk

PhD/Mphil in Engineering –

Dr. Chulantha Kulasekara  – 0112413900- Ext:4309 – chulantha.k@sliit.lk

* Above information are subject to change